and be part of a growing network of spaces that could become the host of a future algorithmic curated show.

What happens with your Application?

When you submit to the database you become a potential host of an exhibition curated by Asahi 4.0. Once a year the selection process is activated through the robotic randomized algorithm. Get ready for a whole new kind of experience in exhibition making! Asahi 4.0 is the next exciting tool that will turn you head around!

Terms & Conditions

  • By uploading your information to this site you agree to the following:
  • WE at HARD-CORE will do our best to treat all materials and information that you give us with respect.
  • One submission per email-address
  • YOU are the owner of your space. Submitting to Asahi 4.0 database you do not lose any copyright to your identity, therefore you submit the space on your own risk.
  • HARD-CORE is not liable for any damage that might occur to the artwork.
  • ..When dealing with physical artwork the responsibility stays with the artist. Unless the exhibition space provides insurance,
  • HARD-CORE is not involved in selling artworks.  
  • HARD-CORE makes no promises of financial gain/earning at any point. 
  • WHEN submitting your space to Asahi 4.0 you become part of the database, through randomized algorithm, your space might become a host for an exhibitions in the future.
    If your space is selected you need to provide space for asahi 4.0 exhibition. .
  • Submission/submitter has the chance to be selected to be a host for an exhibition at least once a year.
  • Submissions are free for all, and submissions from outside the field of art are encouraged.
  • Submission can’t be withdrawn but can be changed after submitting.
  • By submitting your space you are not guaranteed an exhibition.  
  • WHEN submitting your space to Asahi 4.0 you become a potential host for future exhibition. As a host you become responsible for hosting an exhibition that follows the logic and rules of Asahi 4.0. method. Asahi will be in charge of the selection of artist and determining positioning of the artworks.  
  • WE understand that each location has different boundaries, financial, size, and other organisational factors. Therefore each exhibition will be negotiated/organised with you as a participant.
  • WE as HARD-CORE hold the right to terminate this project at any point, and with that erase your submitted information.
  • WE as HARD-CORE have the permission to document your space
  • when subject to an Asahi 4.0 exhibition
  • and to use this documentation to further promote and archive the project.
  • HARD-CORE is the owner and creator of Asahi 4.0 and database and this website.
  • The idea or its design can not be used by other unless with specific permission from HARD-CORE.

Application form for Hosts:

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