Skyler Lindenberg

Who am I?

I am Skyler Lindenberg the CEO of HARD-CORE. Let me introduce you to our new tool. Asahi 4.0 and DATABASE

What is Asahi 4.0?

Asahi 4.0 is HARD-CORE new cutting edge curating robot. It is the follow up of years of research on robotic curation. It is carefully design to challenge the traditional criteria of exhibition making. Asahi 4.0 consists of a free and open database on which you can apply, and a curator robot in charge of choosing and executing placements of works.

What is HARD-CORE?

HARD-CORE is an artistic magnet, that focusis on building methods and tools for exhibitions. Using algorithms and robotics in order to objectify decision making.

For more info go to: HARD-CORE’s website